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i had one of the most revolutionary conversations with two friends this weekend.  one friend was asking me aesthetic questions such as what color my house would be.  i told her that i neither knew nor cared at this point.  then i confessed--to her horror--that i did not care about aesthetics in general (later this notion was misproven.  i did, but did not realize that i did).  appalled, she got me where it theology.  she said, "God cares about aesthetics.  He made everything beautiful, the trees, the flowers, but He didn't have to."  wow.  what did i have to say to that?  nothing.  truth had prevailed and i willingly surrendered my apathy to the original Artist's superior view.  i'm so glad that God is smarter than me.

anyway, this led to more conversation and revelation about how i saw myself, but perhaps another time.  your hint?  i found out that the phrase "beauty is vain" in proverbs 31 did not mean what i thought...and this totally turned my world upside down as for the first time in a long time, i saw beauty in a truer light.  God made us beautiful...and it's good.

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